Peter Mac is one of the world’s leading cancer research, education and treatment centres and is Australia’s only public hospital solely dedicated to caring for people affected by cancer.

Our team is made up of 3,300 staff, including more than 750 laboratory and clinical researchers, all focused on providing better treatments, better care and potential cures for cancer. We plan and operate from our core values of innovation, excellence and compassion.

Peter Mac’s research impacts people with all types of cancer, right around the globe. With your support, we can bring hope to even more people.

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“Sadly many of us have been or will be affected by cancer in our lifetime. Research into new cancer cures and kinder and more effective treatments require significant investment, time and resources.

“The generosity of our supporters through Ride to Fight Cancer is vital to the life-saving work at Peter Mac, helping to provide the specialised tools and resources needed to explore and accelerate new ideas and discoveries.

“We are incredibly grateful to all those who have supported us or will support us by uniting to fight cancer. You are helping us give hope to so many people affected by cancer.”

– Kate Torney OAM, Chief Executive Director, Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation

Our research

Peter Mac is committed to linking patient care with cancer research. Our clinical researchers take their observations from the clinic and plan their research directions with patients in mind, across all tumour types and services.

By supporting Peter Mac, you will help enable life-saving cancer research and give new hope to all people affected by cancer. Your support will:

  • Give leading researchers the specialised technologies and resources they need to discover cancer cures;
  • Provide seed funding to help internationally-recognised researchers explore bold new research ideas that could change the way we think about cancer;
  • Help ensure we have access to income that will support our work for generations to come.

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“Hi, I’m Vi, and I’m a researcher at Peter Mac. Losing my mum to breast cancer when I was just 18 made me decide to focus my career on this area of research. I was based at Cambridge University in England, but thanks to the funds raised by Peter Mac supporters, I’ve been able to return to Australia and join the world-class team at Peter Mac.”

– Dr Vihandha Wickramasinghe, Head of RNA Biology and Cancer Laboratory, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

The history of Peter Mac

Seventy-two years ago, Sir Peter MacCallum and Dr Rutherford Kaye-Scott convinced the Victorian Government to set up Victoria’s first dedicated cancer centre. Sir Peter MacCallum believed that nothing but the best was good enough in cancer care.

From modest beginnings – just a single room in the then Queen Victoria Hospital in Melbourne – the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre has grown to become one of the world’s leading cancer research, education and treatment centres globally.

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